Course Description

Learn How to Make Successful Molds and Casts

with Molding and Casting for Sculptors!

If you are a sculptor or crafter wanting to make your own molds and casts on a small scale, this class is justwhat you've been looking for. This course contains over 3 hours of video content, created with the artist in mind. 19 total videos highlight sculpture-specific techniques throughout the entire mold making and casting process.

Learn with Easy-to-Follow Instructions

In Molding and Casting for Sculptors, I demonstrate how to make several different types of molds over the course of three different projects. We will discuss the materials needed for molding and casting, how to cut and sculptures, mold box building techniques, cutting open silicone molds, creating two part molds, the benefits of pressure casting, cast clean up, and more. At the end of the class, you will have the knowledge to start building your own molds and making your own casts.

No Previous Experience Needed

Requirements : Students will need to purchase materials in order to complete this class. Materials list with recommended brands and buying locations will be provided.

Previous molding and casting experience is not necessary. Beginner and experienced mold makers alike will learn plenty of new concepts, tips, and techniques in this class.

Lead Instructor

Neal Deschain

Neal has been sculpting since 2001 and is the author of Fantasy Creatures in Clay. He formerly taught college level art and currently maintains his own online classes on various platforms, teaching for over 15 years now. Working in a variety of clays, Neal is is the creator of The Arbori, plant based creatures that originate in the forest. He maintains his own line of figures featuring these original fantasy creatures. In addition to sculpting, he makes his own silicone molds, pours his own resin casts and hand paints each piece himself in his home studio in Orlando, Florida. You can see more of Neal's work on his website

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction and Materials

    • Introduction and Materials

    • Materials List

    • Meet the Instructor

    • Materials Questions

    • Meet Your Fellow Students

  • 2

    Studio and Safety

    • Pressure Casting Setup

    • Pressure Casting Tips

    • Safety First

    • Studio and Safety Questions

  • 3

    Sculpting for a Mold

    • Undercuts

    • Discuss Your Model

    • Clays and Model Size

  • 4

    Simple Mold

    • The Mold Box - Construction

    • Silicone - Mixing and Pouring

    • Casting - Mixing and Demolding

    • Discuss Your Mold

  • 5

    Intermediate Mold

    • The Mold Box - Creating Vents and Seam Lines

    • Silicone - Cutting Seams and Casting Prep

    • Casting - Adding Dyes and Seam Clean-up

    • Discuss Your Mold

  • 6

    Advanced Mold

    • Cutting and Keying the Sculpture - Part 1

    • Cutting and Keying the Sculpture - Part 2

    • Building the Molds - Part 1 - Molding the Horns and Tail

    • Building the Molds - Part 2 - Molding and Casting the Limbs and Horns

    • Building the Molds - Part 3 - Molding and Casting the Head and Tail

    • Making a Two Part Mold - Pt 1

    • Making a Two Part Mold - Pt 2

    • Building the Base and Finishing the Model

    • All About Waste Molds

    • Discuss Your Mold

  • 7


    • Thanks for Joining Us!


5 star rating

Phenomenal Course!

rachel young

Neal granted me access to this course in exchange for my feedback, but that aside, I would gladly have paid for it, and encourage any sculptors who want to a...

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Neal granted me access to this course in exchange for my feedback, but that aside, I would gladly have paid for it, and encourage any sculptors who want to add silicone moldmaking and resin casting to their repertoire of skills to enroll for access to this course! I consider myself to be intermediate in moldmaking, and thanks to these fantastic, clear, high-quality videos and Neal’s fabulously thorough and approachable voiceover, I now feel inspired and empowered to tackle advanced casting projects, especially knowing that I can take advantage of the forum system built into the course for help and feedback if I run into any trouble. Neal’s beautiful dragon sculptures and clean moldwork make each of the course's nineteen videos (ranging in length from roughly three to eighteen minutes, with most right around the ten minute mark) a pleasure to view, and learning from someone so experienced at preparing a Monster Clay prototype for molding is especially helpful to me, as it has become my preferred sculptural medium. Though he is thorough, his instruction style is never dry or confusing. I also appreciate his use of supplementary PDFs, including a complete materials chart with hyperlinks to online sources of all the materials and equipment used in the course, a brief introduction to several different sculpting media to which silicone moldmaking is well-suited, as well as an explanation of the use of waste molds in the resin-casting process. I especially appreciate the fact that Neal turns his few mistakes into teaching opportunities. A less thoughtful instructor might have chosen to re-shoot so as to omit flaws, but thankfully, students are allowed the opportunity to peek over Neal’s shoulder to learn additional techniques that could help to salvage a project, or prevent total failure. Mold-making can be an extremely daunting process at the outset, especially given the expense of some of the materials and equipment involved, but this series of videos and supplementary materials teaches good habits and useful techniques that will result in clean silicone molds and nice resin casings needing minimal cleanup, all while minimizing the waste of materials. Five out of five stars for a brilliant course!

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5 star rating

I knew this would be helpful, but never realized how much!

Crystel Land

I've been messing around with molding/casting for about half a year now, using info from websites online/ reading Tim Brukner's Pop Sculpture book / and watc...

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I've been messing around with molding/casting for about half a year now, using info from websites online/ reading Tim Brukner's Pop Sculpture book / and watching youtube videos. I've always felt like there were bits that I was missing, that nothing really explained why you would do certain things, or how to properly troubleshoot and problem solve, or (in some cases) that it would simply be more helpful to see the process instead of reading it. After going through Emily's videos, I feel like all the things she shared have really improved my overall process and that I've experienced a lot less straining/forcing things and even less material waste. I've already remade a few of my molds and the cleanup time has gone from 15 minutes to 5. I can't say enough good things about this course! :D

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