Course Description

Have you ever wanted to bring your ideas to life in clay but weren’t sure where to start? This class will give you the skills needed to start creating your own original sculptures using Super Sculpey. We will start from the ground up, beginning with concept creation moving into armatures, building up clay, creating detail and texture, and finally, painting. At the end of the class, you will have a completed sculpture of your own.

Students will need to purchase materials in order to complete this class. Materials list and recommended buying locations will be provided.

Previous sculpting experience is not necessary. However, at least some working knowledge of art basics (form, shape, color theory, etc.) as well as basic drawing skills are highly recommended.

Lead Instructor

Neal Deschain

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Materials and Inspiration

  • 2


    • Chapter Overview

    • Materials and Planning

    • Building Your Armature

    • Advanced Armatures

    • Posing the Armature

    • Using Foil and Apoxie Sculpt

    • Wire Mesh for Wings

    • Armature Walkthrough

    • Share & Discuss Your Armature

    • External Resources

  • 3

    Building Form with Clay

    • Chapter Overview

    • Blocking Out with Clay

    • Sculpting and Smoothing

    • Sculpting Anatomy - Dragon

    • Sculpting Anatomy - Gryphon

    • Secondary Forms

    • Building Form Walkthrough

    • Share & Discuss Your Sculpture

    • External Resources

  • 4

    Detailing and Texturing

    • Chapter Overview

    • Detailing the Face

    • Sculpting Horns and Fur

    • Detailing the Hands

    • Detailing Dragon Wings

    • Detailing Bird Wings

    • Environments

    • Detailing Walkthrough

    • Share and Discuss Your Sculpture

    • External Resources

  • 5

    Smoothing and Finishing

    • Chapter Overview

    • Finishing

    • Primer and Repairs

    • Smoothing Walkthrough

    • Share and Discuss Your Sculpture

    • External Resources

  • 6


    • Chapter Overview

    • Intro to Painting

    • Secondary Colors and Details

    • Dry Brush and Wash Methods

    • Patterns and Fine Details

    • Painting Walkthrough

    • Share and Discuss Your Sculpture

    • External Resources

  • 7

    It's a Wrap!

    • Thank You for Joining Us!

    • It's a Wrap!

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